• Are stressed and exhausted

  • Feel serious Mom Guilt


    for all the things you are missing out on and that aren't getting done. You feel guilty when you are away from your kids to focus on your career, and guilty for being away from your work to focus on motherhood. You can't win! 

  • Know there is more joy and freedom waiting for you in life

    but you don't have the extra time and energy to figure out how to make it happen. 

  • Calm and Centered

    Imagine feeling calm and grounded, even on the most hectic of days. 


    You're successful and you're driven. You're probably a perfectionist too. You may look like you have it all together, but chronic stress takes a serious toll on your emotional and physical health.


    Working with me will give you the tools you need to master stress and keep it at bay. 



  • Confident

    True confidence is embodying your strengths and your gifts and radiating your light out to the world.


    Have you ever felt like you are failing at life, or talked to yourself in a critical way? We all have! But you don't have to anymore. 


    I'm here to help be your own cheerleader and best friend. This means self-care, boundaries and prioritizing the things that light you up and bring you to life



  • Joyful

    You can find JOY again, in the life you already have! 


    Even when things feel overwhelming, I want to help you experience the joy that life and motherhood have to offer.



I Can't Wait to Help You: 

  • Get the tools you need to stay calm and centered as you go throughout your day, without any extra time required.


    You'll know how to stop the stress spinout, and be the calmest, most centered person at the moms' group AND the board meeting.


    You'll understand how to have REAL balance in your life (and it's probably not what you think!)

  • We'll focus on resetting your mindset and helping you stop your inner critic from beating you up and sabatoging you.


    You'll finally start to believe in yourself and your unique strengths.


    You'll ditch the mom guilt and know that putting yourself first actually makes you an even better mom, and sets the foundation for JOY!

  • We'll focus on helping you find joy in the big things AND the little things in life. 


    You'll learn how to be fully present and engaged in your life.


    You'll be able prioritize the things you are passionate about, rediscover your dreams and goals and  and have a solid plan to finally DO THEM!


Breakthrough Session