"Burnout costs between $125 billion and $190 billion every year in healthcare costs."-Forbes

Your organization has a

burnout problem. 

Consequences of burnout: 

  • Increase in health-related concerns

    Burnout contributes to increased absences from work and higher healthcare costs.

  • Decreased energy and motivation

    Burnout causes once passionate, motivated team members to lose their energy and motivation. 

  • Increased turnover

    When burnout becomes a big enough problem, the only solution for many is to change jobs or careers. 

Michelle Risser: Mental Health Therapist, Clinically Trained Coach, Writer and Presenter

What is burnout? 


  • Burnout is what happens when stress becomes chronic to the point that the nervous system can no longer keep up.  

  • Burnout results in a loss of energy, motivation and focus. 

  • Ultimitely, burnout can result in an increase in severe health consequences. 

I offer workshops, training events and 1:1 coaching to help individuals in organizations prevent and recover from burnout. 



1:1 Coaching

Michelle is a clinically trained coach with over 16 years of experience. She is available for 1:1 coaching to help your managers and staff with stress reduction, burnout recovery and wellness. Book a free consult here. 

Meet Michelle Risser. 

Michelle is a licensed therapist and a clinically trained coach/ consultant with over 16 years experience in the mental health field. She completed her masters degree in social work from the Ohio State University. 


Michelle has presented at numerous universities, agencies and conferences on topics relating to mental health and self-care and is an experienced coach in the fields of stress reduction, burnout and self-care. 



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