Therapist moms: are you ready to live without burnout and

LOVE your life at home and work? 

Burnout is out.

Finding your spark is in!  

  • You LOVE being a mom, and you love your career as a therapist...


  • Yet juggling the demands of both has burned you to the ground!


  • You KNOW you need to invest in yourself first (in fact, you teach it), but it's hard to find the time or energy to actually make it happen.


A lot of things in your life are going well, but life as a therapist and mom has you feeling

burned out and exhausted.


  • You have the education and the degrees.

  • You are successful in your career as a mental health professional.

  • You LOVE being a mom.

  • On paper, you "should" feel happy and successful, right?

The one piece you are missing is HOW to finally prioritize your own needs, when you are busy thinking about others' needs all day long and you have literally NO time. 




That's where this program comes in. It's different than anything you've done before! 


I know that busy moms who work as therapists don't have extra
time and energy to spend. 

That's why I created this program especially with

you in mind, to help you transform from:



Worrying and full of guilt about clients and family >>> to putting your own needs first, without struggle or guilt!


Feeling chaotic and spinning plates >>> to centered and in control.


Burned out >>>  ​to passionate about your career and mom life!




Hi! I'm Michelle.

A Simple and Effective System,

designed to fit into your busy life:

The 4-Week Reboot Program

  • Week 1: Refresh

    You KNOW self-care isn't optional, but making it happen is a different story.

    • Therapist moms are great at teaching others about self-care, but the worst when it comes to doing it for ourselves! 
    • We rely on scrolling, Netflix and wine because we have no time or energy for anything else. 
    • You'll get powerful, short (2-minutes max) micro-strategies delivered straight to your phone, that you can listen to while you brush your teeth. 
    • These strategies are made to be built into your busy day, so that you don't need to wait for a day off, a Caribbean vacation or a new career to start taking care of yourself. 


  • Week 2: Reduce

    Identify and reduce your energy vampires.

    • Reduce the clutter of negative messages coming in from social media, news and other people.
    • Say no to the things that drain you and YES to things that energize you! 
    • Reduce the stressors and obstacles getting in the way of the life you deserve. 
    • Be a great steward of your most precious resources: your energy and time!


  • Step 3: Re-energize

    Get your spark back! 

    • Connect with your why and get back that excitement you had when you first got into your career.
    • Reconnect with what is most important to you. 
    • Get unblocked and start taking action toward your own goals.
  • Step 4: Rediscover joy!!

    Stop juggling for balance and live a life of light and ease instead.

    • Love yourself and be your own best friend no matter what.
    • Prioritize joy and dance in the rain, even when stress and chaos come knocking.
    • Live with ease, instead of the juggling act of balance we've all been striving for. 
    • We'll wrap up with a celebration of your success, and a solid action plan to help you use your new tools to reach your goals over the next 3 months. 

Meet Your New Coach:

Michelle Risser.

​I'm a Mom.


I'm a licensed therapist and clinically-trained coach specializing

in helping therapist moms overcome burnout and

find their spark without guilt or overwhelm.


I create programs that get right to the point,

because busy therapist/ moms

don't have time and energy to spare.


I too have felt that just isn't enough of me to go around.

Finally, after reaching

a point of exhaustion and burnout,


I found a better way.


You can too.

Welcome to the

4-Week Reboot

For therapist moms who are ready to ditch  burnout and find their spark, with powerful tools created just for them!

Finally, it's your turn. 

  • Powerful tools delivered straight to your phone every weekday morning for 4 weeks. These will take less than 2 minutes each and you can listen while you brush your teeth!

  • Live weekly group coaching (with replay available) in a private, supportive Facebook group to help you stay accountable and on track!

  • Exclusive guided meditations

    Every week, to help you regulate your nervous system and integrate the tools from the week. 



  • A printable workbook

    For those of you who like to dig deeper- this will help you uncover insights, organize your thoughts and track your progress.

  • 50% discount on individual coaching

    Individual coaching can help you skyrocket your results! 

    Sessions must be purchased at checkout to get the discount. 

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